For years, I have had the chance to meet every section of security sector, chat with them, exchange opinions and share information. Although I cannot know a security system as the representative of a security company technically, I have had the chance to follow the developments in the sector closely.

If what you do is to hold an event that combines every section of a sector, you are naturally likely to meet every part of the sector. And we meet every section of the sector for which we organize events as our job requires and continue to exchange information.

Our advantage compared to large majority of the representatives of the sector is that we make many meetings that a sector representative considers unnecessary. Naturally, we find the opportunity to make a comprehensive sector assessment as a result of these meetings.

After a period of time after beginning to work for security sector, I was very surprised to see that there was no communication even between the two main components of “security” sector –  “system, device supplier companies” and “human-induced security companies” (physical security companies / security service companies / security companies with personnel). As the time went by and every time I met separately representatives of these both sections, I particularly shared this issue.

A large proportion of the people at “Human Induced Security” companies do not know well the systems and devices, while “system, device supplier companies” are not aware of the operation at human induced security companies. In fact, both sections know only about the sections they are included in the security sector without being aware of the real size of the sector.

From the first day we prepared a&s Turkey, the Turkish version of a&s International magazine, we managed to implement something that had never been prepared in Turkey and prepared “security sector report”. Since nobody thought about something like this when we prepared the first file, we had to collect unclear information. However, it was revealed that size of electronic security/system and device procurement sector was 500 million USD. Today, size of the sector varies between 600 million to 750 million USD.

While the size of electronic security/system and device procurement sector is at this level, size of human induced security sector, other side of the sector, is about 3.5 – 4 million USD. In other words, total size of the sector is about 4 million – 5 million. These figures are the turnover of the first section that comes into our minds when security is the topic.

However, security is not it at all… Steel doors, fences, cases, key systems… And even wrought irons. All transactions we made for our security should be accepted as security sector expenditure. And this shows how wide the sector is.

As a result of what I mentioned, I want to go back to the main part I referred at the beginning.


If we deem security sector as a wide roof, we can see that there are a lot of sub-headings under in this roof. And we can see that a large part of these sub-headings are unaware of the others.

From now on, the main task of each section of the sector should be to improve this communication. Because, the observations we have obtained from different sectors again as required by our job show that coming together of the entire sector and general growth momentum of the sector are interconnected. This growth which is for benefit of all of us is only possible with integration in the sector.

We try to include this subject as a topic particularly in our traditional conference we hold annually. Later on, we will do everything we can in line with this purpose. However, the main task is on the representatives of the sector. There are not many things to do here; sometimes it is even enough to support the idea. This idea can progress to the point it should go when it gets support.

Every section of the sector will grow more than expected with working for improving the sector altogether with the constituents. From now on, the responsibility is on all of us.

Feridun Bayram
General Manager
Marmara Fair Org.

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