Marmara Fair Organization was established in 1999. Ever since the organisation has come into action, it has moved ahead in a steadfast and stable manner on organizing sectoral specific fairs in the market.Well-trained professional staff working at the highest calibre to provide only the best services and results. Each details, including the minuscules, are being considered and calculated to provide the upmost quality in the services that we provide. Each year, we work harder to improve the quality of the fairs we provide trying to achieve international standards.


  • To raise the quality of the fair sector and to make contribution into the sectoral developments.
  • Leading the society on the idea that fairs are the main needs of the companies not the luxury.
  • Providing all the fair services under the current economic conditions with the highest levels of the sector, as well as within extensive and integrated structure.
  • Following the understanding that, fair organization process must depend on the sector’s perspective, not the fair organizers’.
  • Training experienced and qualified staff as a member of our team in order to create added value for the sectors we are serving.
  • Never stop searching for the new domestic and international markets.
  • Informing the sector with our publications regularly.
  • Concentrating on the most influenced individuals, organizations, institutions and government agencies who has control over in the field.
  • Creating interactivity among professionals and government authorities to support exchange of ideas.


  • Meeting international standards on the fair organization.
  • Raising the awareness about the importance of the fair industry in Turkey.
  • Providing added value to the fair industry.
  • Being one of the leading and esteemed company in the fair industry.
  • Increasing the quality of the fair organizing to be the leading fair organization company in Turkey.
  • Meeting our exhibitors’ expectations on a higher level.
  • Following the values that carried us to a certain level and improving these values to reach our future targets.
  • Avoiding from decreasing our customer’s quality expectations and instead to supply consistent development and accuracy during the organization process.