Marmara Fair Organization was established in 1999. Ever since the organisation has came into action, it has moved ahead in a steadfast and stable manner, presenting sector specific fairs in the market place. Well-trained professional staff are working at the highest calibre to provide only the best services and results. Every detail, even if minuscule, is considered and calculated to provide the upmost quality in the sevices that we provide. Our firm is working harder each year to improve the quality of the fairs we provide by striving to meet international standards.


To raise the quality of the fair sector and make contribution to the sectoral developments,

  • Telling the society that fairs are needs not luxury.
  • Providing all fair services under the present economic conditions with the highest levels of the sector, as well as within extensive and integrated structure
  • Disseminating idea that fairs belong to the sector, not fair organizer
  • Training experienced and qualified personnels for the sector

To create added value for the sectors we are serving,

  • Finding new domestic and international markets,
  • Informing and promoting the industry with our publications
  • Bringing the most important people, organizations, institutions and bodies together
  • Enabling sector professionals to create relations among themselves and government, as well as exchange informations and ideas


  • Organizing fairs which added value to the fair industry and raising importance of the fair industry in our country.
  • Being one of the leading and estemeed company in the fair industry.
  • Organizing ever increasing quality fairs in order to be the leading fair organization company in Turkiye.
  • Satisfiying our customers/exhibitors.
  • Saving the values that brought us today and following these values to reach our targets.
  • Reaching our targets without compromising our customer/exhibitor satisfaction, quality and continous development, accuracy