Marmara Fair Organization was established in 1999 as an exhibition organization company. Marmara is one of the special companies that has the “Certificate of Authorization to Organize Domestic Exhibitions” which was approved by “The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB)”.

As an exhibition organization company, Marmara holds the identity of Organizing International Exhibitions in Turkey since it was the most suitable one among the others as, “Organizing Exhibitions Abroad”, “Organizing National Exhibitions” or “Organizing Regional Exhibitions in Turkey”.

Organizing the international exhibitions in country, Marmara Fair works with the goals as follows:

  • To ensure that companies can learn more about the new products of the sectors, which in turn promotes the sales of enterprise`s products by the various trades coming together 
  • Working with the motivation as the new business is developed – whether it be from an innovative product or the introduction into a new market, keeping the contagious excitement since it is rewarding seeing the exhibitions we’ve worked on, run successfully and exhibitors being pleased with our services. 
  • To gain more experience by dealing with different customers for different types of exhibitions at different venues each time.
  • Presenting a way to show the world the best of themselves to move business & connect each other, to meet face-to-face and share ideas and innovations, technology and trade that promotes both mutual profits.
  • Holding no frontiers with never ending exploration which brings out the best in the sector! Every single event brings us to a new world and it connects us with diverse individuals from around the globe.
  • To feel the pulse of the economy that creates avenue for meeting new people, helps to create new opportunities, to generate a great team spirit and helps building new relationships.
  • Bringing together the international innovators and end-users to collaborate, share knowledge and get ready for future challenges and allowing the industrial companies to come face to face with the largest number of clients from different countries in the shortest period of time.
  • Observing the market closely in order to see the sectoral products and the competitors’ activities in the world of public and private security and arising the opportunities to be able to identify potential suppliers and partners and detect future business in between.

With 21 years of activity, among the companies that have the certificate of authority to organize exhibitions, Marmara Fair is one of the longest operating company in Turkey.

Marmara Fair representatives are also member of the Fair Council Commission Member of “The Union of Chambers and Exchanges of Turkey” (TOBB)


International Security, Automation and Fire Exhibition

ISAF, as the exhibition organized by Marmara Fair Organization since its establishment, is one of the most important and valuable industry events brands globally.

As the most known exhibitions of the world in the industries it covers, ISAF, is today’s main brand of its exhibitions with the following sectors.

  • ISAF Security – International Security Systems, Services and Equipment Exhibition
  • ISAF Cyber Security – International Cyber Security, Information and Network Security Exhibition
  • ISAF Smart Life – International Smart Life and Smart Buildings Exhibition
  • ISAF Fire & Rescue – International Fire, Emergency, Search and Rescue Exhibition
  • ISAF Safety & Health – International Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition

Mobility, Technology, IT, Electronics Exhibition

Covering the most prominent sectors of the world recently, IMEX is a very special event that has been designed by Marmara Fair Organization since 2014.

Within this 6 years period, many international events held in this field were examined on-site or remotely and in the light of these observations and experiences, IMEX was structured to be implemented in 2020 as an important brand.

Homeland Security, Law Enforcement Equipment and Cyber Security Exhibition

INTERPEX as a brand of Noya Fair, is the first exhibition that organized in its field in the country, with the cooperation and support of Marmara Fair Organization. INTERPEX is a very special event that aims to meet the sector with the official and private security agencies from many countries of the world, primarily in regions that are close to our country.


The BİZ Exhibitions covering the Tourism, Hotel Equipment, Cafe-Bar-Restaurant Equipment, Pool-Sauna and Marine Propulsion Engines sectors that have been organized 9 times in Izmir, Antalya, Ankara and Istanbul for 6 years from 2003 to 2009. (It was transferred as a brand after 2009)

The KENT’S Exhibitions, covering very special sectors such as Municipal Equipment, Urban Furniture, Treatment, Sports Facility and Real Estate sectors were held 9 times in Izmir, Antalya, Ankara and Istanbul for a period of 4 years from 2004 to 2008. (It was transferred as a brand after 2008)

The brand, which started to be organized as the LED Exhibitions in Istanbul in 2007 and started to be organized as the LED & LIGHTING Exhibition in the following years, was designed in the period when LED products were not heard at home and a very important segment of the country was informed about LED.

LED & LIGHTING brand included the following brands:

  • LED & LIGHTING Exhibition
  • LED Conference
  • LED Awards

(It was transferred as a brand after 2016)