Established in 1999, Marmara Fair Organization holds “International Specialty Exhibitions” in Turkiye. It has got the Domestic Fair Organization Authorization approved by The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.

Marmara Fair Organization holds all of its exhibitions in Turkiye within the scope of international sectoral exhibitions, and in order for that operates so as to cover the whole world. During this operation, it shares its knowledge with the sector for the development of the sectors, the increase of the international communication and the development of co-operation.

Marmara Fair Organization prepares international publications related to the sectors exhibitions of which it holds. The publications about the sector are, while remaining neutral to all the segments in the sector, prepared so as to inform the sector, to tell about the world’s new technologies about the new products in the sector, and to share different applications.


The ISAF, considered as the flagship of Marmara Fair, is an exhibition organized since the establishment of the company and therefore mostly associated with the brand of Marmara Fair. ISAF that was first held in Ankara in 2000 has been held also in Istanbul since 2007. ISAF which was held semi-annually between 2007 and 2009 was held 22 times, 10 times in Ankara and 12 times in Istanbul. ISAF Exhibitions are going to be held between September 17th – 20th, 2019 as 5 sub-exhibitions.

  • ISAF SECURITY EXHIBITION – 23rd International Security Exhibition
  • ISAF IT SECURITY EXHIBITION  – 8th International Information and Network Security Exhibition
  • ISAF SMART HOME EXHIBITION – 8th International Smart Buildings & Building Automation
  • ISAF FIRE&RESCUE EXHIBITION – 23rd International Fire, Emergency & Rescue Exhibition
  • ISAF SAFETY&HEALTH EXHIBITION – 8th International Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition Exhibition
  • ISAF EXCLUSIVE –  3rd Security Exhibition & Conference