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ISAF Exhibition along with our new exhibition… IMEX Technology and IT Exhibition

When we first established Marmara Fair Organization in 1999, we carried our in-depth research on which sectors we would hold exhibitions on. As a consequence of this research, we decided to hold an exhibition on the “Building Automation and Security” sector.

From the point of finding it hard to comprehend what “Building Automation” actually meant since it was a recently introduced term in those days, we have, leaving behind that term, come to a point where we are now dealing with the “Smart Buildings” term. We have undergone very serious changes in the past 22 years.
This process which started in the late 90s has advanced through time, and this entire process has begun to be defined as “Industry 4.0” through 2020. We have unwittingly undergone a dramatic change through that process which took place quite rapidly. Manual tools and devices have been replaced with automatic devices out of the blue. We have come face to face with devices, systems and structures which we could not imagine in our lives.

The daily-life effects of the changes which these advancements making our lives significantly easier incorporated into our lives have proved to be positive in general. Today we sit in our couches and simply do the tasks which we once spent quite a considerable time to carry out. I don’t think anybody who is older than 40 has never asked many times in his life, “How could we do without today’s smart devices?” I am positive that all of us have thought about “how we could find our friends to meet, do the banking transactions, give directions to a place and find the place we’d go.”

Products, devices and systems that were once very hard to reach have now taken their places in our daily lives. From the most developed countries to the ones with the most stagnant economy, from the financially strong person to the one with a low budget, we are all enjoying the conveniences which have been introduced into our lives by these advancements in technology. Some of use them more whereas some use them less, and even more often and in more different fields than we could imagine.

We introduced ISAF Exhibition which we have been holding for 22 years as a “technology exhibition”, and it was accordingly embraced with the entire sector. However, ISAF was an exhibition of the technologies only in its own scope. Having commenced as a Security, Building Automation, Fire, and Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition, ISAF has in time blossomed into more of a technology exhibition via expanding its coverage into Cyber Security and Smart Life sectors. The whole range of technologies related to the products within the scope of the exhibition is now exhibited at ISAF.

However, we started asking ourselves more often every year, “Why are we dealing with Technology under only one title while the technology today advances at an incredible speed?” and decided that it was high time we made a new start. We consequently decided to organize the TECHNOLOGY AND IT Exhibition

The main and most effective reason for the actualization of the IMEX Technology and IT Exhibition was based more on the demands put forward to our company than on the intracompany meetings at Marmara Fair Organization. Due to the increasing demands from both the sector and the buyers and users of the products, we decided to include the IMEX Exhibition in our schedule in 2020.

IMEX Technology and IT Exhibition covers all the subdivisions of today’s technologies and IT. To put it in more technical terms, it covers IT and the technologies in parallel with IT. Not a smart agricultural vehicle used in agriculture or a plane or an automobile is exhibited at IMEX, but all the systems, software, devices which make all those vehicles smart are.

The noteworthy growth predicted to actualize at ISAF since the ISAF Exhibition has been relocated to new and interconnected halls with more spacious area will occur more rapidly thanks to the IMEX Exhibition. More importantly, the ISAF and IMEX Exhibitions will be held as a TECHNOLOGY EXHIBITION of our country in real terms and in full range.

We are inviting the entire sector and those concerned to participate in this spectacular exhibition and exhibit their products at their stands as well the users and buyers of these products to visit our exhibition.

Feridun Bayram
Marmara Fair Organization
Chairman of the Executive Board

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