Security is so interesting area…

When thinking of this familiar word, security that we use without knowing its meaning, we can observe the reason of why security sector has developed.

Human beings since the primitive man, always needs to protect him against something. In the first stage, this protection was led to against the wild life. There were built protective areas against wild animals.

When humankind prevailed to nature, the reason of people to protect themselves changed. There began to protection against this nature, and themselves.  In the past, more large-scale attacks against the human person occurred as much of dominance, land acquisition, obtaining power, such as obtaining regional resources, time, but it began to turn increasingly to the individual. I don’t state that individual attacks were fewer than today, individual one might be more than today. However, safety need, as time progress, has flow away from more general to more private.

Let to think about walking two people in the mega cities in opposite way, it is easily to say that each one worries about their security in this situation.

In lately Turkey, all of us talks about primarily residential issue except to other issues. They are about either choice of living environment or getting investment gain from buying resident in first stage. There is no even one person to not talk this issue. Besides, it is not occurred in metropoles, but also all around the country.

Well, which issues do we concern about the selection of these residents? We care location, construction company, technical features of building, is not it? Yes, if we focus on investment, these factors are in the lead. However, if we choose the area of living space, in addition to these, other equal factors also emerge: facilities, security, and landscaping/green space.


There are many interesting areas in the world we surprise, because people in there live without locking the doors. I also know many areas in Turkey like this. All of us envy to this situation, is not it?

In the megacities and metropoles, we find this type of living space in only secured, clear living areas.

When considering this issue in sociological perspective, it is not nice situation at the end. In addition, if we focus on sectoral and technical view, it is capable to present us the way of sector for the future. Developing technology eases the human life in many respects. By using these technologies, people always demand beyond and imagine. After dream and demand, these products come to our lives.

In our some conversations, we talk some issues such as new products, the way of future sector at length. I will make a basic description. “Whatever you want to imagine and gain something for your comfort, you know this is very general issue.”

Yes, when discussing this issue in such a basic way of thinking, the answer to where the investor should invest also comes to light. If I had been managing the company in security area, I would determine my direction to the products providing comforts for human life.

Feridun Bayram
General Manager
Marmara Fair Org.

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