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OSH in Restaurants and Hotels

All of us can experience different things due to our living conditions. We live in different conditions in economic and social status in terms of our living conditions, living areas, products we use and consume, materials, food products. Even if there is a difference in standard, we use and consume same things at the end.

Approximately we might use one of rest stops, restaurants, café, tea garden for drinking and eating motivations up to today.

I usually travel for my business reasons. When there occurred a reason to write an article about rest area, the article I write about travels in smart systems had come to my mind. When I was reading this article, I realized this paragraph below;

“From the first day I started traveling, I realized that I allocate time to choose the largest travel organizations in the lodging facility. When choosing required facility, as everyone does, I initially have looked at location of the facility and chosen mobile ones in city centers. Of course, the facility is still in the first name / brand ranks. Hotel accommodation during the service, cleanliness I pay attention to issues that such everyone emphasizes. However when travels intensified and grew, I began to discern that the systems in the facilities of the main features of the facility I choose. Most hotels I like plants were always using the most effective technology.”

Yes, of course I really pay attention to technological background of the facility. And I saw that as many other people, I had not paid attention to Occupational Safety and Health, Fire and Emergency of the facility have as vital important things. When we think about our daily lives in going to a facility for eating, how many of us paid attention to the implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety procedures anyway.

Occupational Health and Safety Fire emergency issues should not only considered and planned for workers in the plant but also for guests using the facility. The Occupational Safety and Health approach of food facility as basis of the most important problems related to health is very important. All of us use such a terms, “very clean, kitchen’s clear” to define a restaurant. However, I guess almost everyone using these terms could not walk around kitchen and environment except to meticulous ones.

Of course, although we could investigate cleanliness of kitchen, we don’t know how the personnel of kitchen pay attention to their hygiene. However, we should agree to say that knowing to what extent measures are taken against kitchen fires as dangerous event in most homes and facilities is vital. It does not mean that “we should investigate all kitchens when we visit as professional”. Of course, we can not investigate. In addition, there are very kind details we can’t understand.

In this situation, the most required issue is result of the facility’s report evaluated by professionals in open space. No, I don’t mention about long reports, none of us decide to go somewhere we would like to eat a dinner after reading the report.

I think a simpler solution. We all know that the required documents characterizing facility features are given to the hospitality and food-drink facilities by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. These documents describe the facilities or food and beverage industry with the number of stars in a different class. Facilities also are being checked by the Ministry of Health and the port is documented.

Before writing this article, I have read the articles related to “a restaurant / restaurant to open what should be done?” Most requirements should be fulfilled. The most important of them, of course, are about hygiene quality as serving facility and healthy of environment. When reading this rules, I thought how many restaurants are opened as suitable with the rules and can’t help thinking about utopia of my offer.

Is it possible to think that there is a document regularly audited about Occupational Health and Safety including Fire Emergency subjects in accommodation, food and beverages as well as facilities that almost all of us use, to open a resort and run forced?

Is this document hanging on anywhere everyone can realize?

In addition, after this document is taken, is it updated regularly, developed and controlled by the institution?

Feridun Bayram
General Manager
Marmara Fair Org.

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