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Lighting in Education

When my twin girls started game group at the age of 3,5, who are at the moment nearly 4, I remembered my school days which I was away for about 20 years.

When searching for schools we have first examined the system and education. My wife has consulted her friends and family for a long time, and spent long hours on internet to search for schools. Our biggest priority was the closeness of the school to our home, secondly the educational system, thirdly the people and teachers and fourthly the physical conditions of the school. For the first two we did our eliminations by doing our research from a distance. We have visited the schools that remained in our list, and met the teachers and managers. While examining the schools we have checked the materials they used. Our final criteria for comparison between schools were the lighting and security. While assessing the schools my wife have made comments mostly like “this is too dark, it depresses you”, or “this is bright and spacious”; my observations on the other hand have been mostly about the security.

The system of education had a big impact on our decision however when we eliminated the schools and in the last couple of schools our criteria has always been the LIGHTING and SECURITY.

Since 2007 when we started organising Led&Light Exhibition I started examining the lighting wherever I went. I have gained a wider perspective with LED Conference. Inspired by the projects in LED competition I started making different setups about LED products and LED Lighting. Thanks to Led&Light magazine I had the chance to gain wider and deeper information and views on LED products and LED Lighting compared to an average person.

During my research and as a result of the information I received in our conversations we held during out visits, I have managed to attain a higher level of information about the advantages of LED products and LED Lighting to human health more than a normal lighting. Again I have learnt  during my research and conversations that LED products and LED Lighting  provided energy efficiency and were environment friendly, plus they were less hazardous to the environment they were used compared to other lightings.

I believe that today everybody who has more or less some knowledge about LED lighting products is aware of their advantages such as the homogenous distribution of light, being in tones closest to daylight, using less energy, no accidents that may occur from the explosion of the bulb etc.

Our children are the most valuable assets in our lives…

The most valuable thing in an average person’s life is his child…

Okay, then, as parents do we examine the lighting systems when examining many qualities of the schools?

I am pretty sure that if a parent had the knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of lighting in the learning process of a person and effects of the tone of light in learning process, then he would examine very carefully the Lightings while doing a research about the schools.

I personally always give this issue a priority while doing a research on the schools for my childen. I plan to give recommendation for the use of LED Lighting, and even beyond recommendation I plan to conduct a pilot implementation to display the difference of LED lighting and in particular for school administration to see the difference.  

For a bright future for our children… brighter institutions of education…

Feridun Bayram
General Manager
Marmara Fair Org.

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