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As everyone knows, Marmara Fair whom I’m partner and manager has been organizing “Security Exhibition” from the beginning of the years.

I consider our sector as very interesting. Because in addition to getting to know your industry, you need to know very well you get service. If you are a company that aims to make the most of what you are doing, you have to know it very well for which industry sector of organization of fair. That’s why we are trying to develop a channel partner in the firm; in our conversations with our colleagues we always express this topic. We always give our participants the message in this direction for the company in the exhibitor position. A fair company that serves many different channels – if not an international company or industry leader in home position – the industry is not fully assimilated. No company cannot issue in-depth services having not assimilated yet, his exhibition of shallow, baseless and the slightest vibration cannot prevent in the balance of trade.

As Marmara Fair family, spending past 17 years in the security industry we have chance to have quite extensive knowledge about the industry. Even we, as a team, could evaluate more products to examine than some companies operating in the security sector. We have had the chance to see many foreign and domestic exhibitions that very few industry members can see.

We know the security sector we organized the exhibition as the result of 17 years work…

We informed the industry with trade magazines we publish…

We are the first to have our e-newsletter with information on current topics…

We have the first share changing technology in the world…

We chatted in the security field for many years…

We wrote the articles…

We participated in the conferences…

We were there in the area of security…

However, I have observed that we could not talk and share about “security activities” so far, “fair security” field verbatim.

Actually I have realized that we could not share anything about the field that we should be informed very well. When I review about how much experience do we have in that situation, actually I think it is very useful to organize activities for other members of the industry to share the total knowledge and experience so far. And I decided to organize these type of activities at the earliest opportunity.

We organize our fairs only in Istanbul in recent years. We’re getting quite a professional level of business that is also tenants of our security service. From the beginning of the exhibition, planning is made through short meetings, if the former team is assigned to do the mission, and there is no change in the plan, short meeting is enough for all process.

However, there are very interesting experiences from some exhibitions organized by our company out of Istanbul. When security services are not fixed and every hire company’s own security plan in the form of exhibition space and even a tent because we organize fairs, we have to construct very different risk analysis and create plans.

Even if it does not give security service, some areas cannot create risky situation because of risk planning so far, some areas can create risky situation. The biggest challenge was always staff working experience. The field work is easy or difficult area, even if we had to describe the experience for fair security personnel not having security exhibition.

We had to explain some different issues for the personnel motivating themselves about different issues. The biggest risks are time periods and situations. If there is occurring change on personnel during the exhibition, we had to repeat all mission from the beginning.

From the experience of our area I have, I want to state that “The most accurate service in the security and continuity can be achieved with specialized personnel in the area it serves

The biggest security problems in the safety of the stands are from the material. Although minor problems can occur during the exhibition, the most fragile issue within process is about preparation and output. Especially maintaining security during output process is the most difficult part of the story. With these specialties, exhibitions have same features as crowded activities generally. The biggest problem in the concert is moments when the crowd evacuates the area.

The most interesting experience I have is about the exhibition organized in my home city with special relations generally. The exhibition would have to be organized in is near to the most problematic area of the city with tents. Due to the risk of the region and the tent that can be entered into the wall instead of a cutting tool to cut easily, we had to organize difficult planning. Concordantly, inadequacy of security companies in terms of number made it difficult to maintain our work very well. As a result;

  • Inside the tent, we’ve built another wall stands between the stands and tents. Although measure does not fully provide, safety was also an important.
  • In the field, when the event closes will be locked inside and we take security will never get out. It includes overnight exchange of material between the outside and inside.
  • Inside we have created a diverse group of security personnel who know each other. A few comes from the companies providing security services, the few comes from the large-scale company has its own security staff, some employees also are chosen to work in the family.
  • We held meetings in separate groups and found the staff inside. Each group would show zero tolerance towards other groups.
  • Out staff was a very interesting group. Our first group will tour right outside the tent was a mixed group, like the first group. Mainly there had been a team working alongside our family.
  • We chose the second ring-risk groups in the region. Mainly most influential people of this region are known for theft in the area and we chose the reliable ones and have created this team to the second ring. There was also need more people in this group. We also paid attention to the people we choose to create a very small group work together while choosing from different families that you can check each other. The most important feature of this group was the ability to recognize theft.
  • We have obtained the latest ring from the company that provides private security services.
  • In addition, we have requested the provincial team from the Police Department as they patrol and they gave us great help.

I guess this security plan that no electronic system can be used and is based on completely human resource has a level of security application able to entry to fair literature with a special heading. Even it is an application that should be included in the archive of companies serving special security solutions.

Due to the fact that the professionalization of the security services nowadays, fairs are happening more enjoyable and hassle free. I wish you smooth fairs for all my colleagues and exhibitors in a safe and with professional security staff.

Feridun Bayram
General Manager
Marmara Fair Org.

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