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The Use of Surveillance Systems in Production

During the first days we began to prepare our exhibition, we were maintaining works for the issues such as which sector and projects have to be focused on. After the detailed lists of studies about sectors and projects, we decided to operate the exhibition of building operation as the most proper project. However, when we evaluated the sector, insufficiency of the title was realized, then we’ve entitle it as “Exhibition of Building Automation and Security”, so we prepared the content in accordance with this.

When we’ve advanced our position to communicate with the sector intensively, began to recognize the sector gradually. We added the entire features of a building that mobilizes with button, motion, and interaction to the definition of exhibition. All the things in the building such as lightening, elevator, escalator, doors, shutters, audio-visual systems have taken part in the definition. When our communication has intensified about our exhibition, we designed the way that includes these all products and more, and as a result, we were able to make interpretation further.

We have come to these days, 2016 from our works began in 1999. Our exhibition we began to organize as the Exhibition of Building Automation and Security, was named ISAF in the third year, and began to be recognized in all over the world. As a result of our works and efforts continuing for the nine years, ISAF stands among the numbered exhibitions of the world in its sector.

We have been experienced such visible developments and radical changes along 17 years of our works in the sector. Not only there occurred a change on products, market share of products, usage rates, used areas, but also radical change on companies in the sector, quality and number of companies. In the end, sector has grown, number of firms increased, products technologically developed.

As we all know that, the most basic instinct of human beings after need for food and harboring is about security. The advancements in security measures were related to developments of the sectors.  A security system could develop in an area experiencing absence of security, and current products begin to be used in such areas. If we check our memories about in which area and how often these security products are used so far, we can approximately construct a historical chart.

The most mentioned area for use of security products is about “production and industry” later this year. In this period admitted to begin with communication of things at the same time, all products entirely are being used to develop and simplify an integrated production. In here, security products began to take place in the new area.

The security systems in production and industry had been used for the purpose of facility security so far. Work efficiency of personnel also had been following with inside cameras when the security was provided. However, one part of security systems had begun to be used in production process with the new industry revolution, Industry 4.0. All the works having a purpose to evaluate and control entire production process are being applied in the developed countries with surveillance, supervision, monitoring, recording systems and use of the products.

This issue is also the main theme of Taiwan Secutech Exhibition 2016 that will be organized one week later from this time and we’re going to depart for it.  I’m awaiting the presentations in this issue impatiently.

It is obvious that the sector’s going to exercise radical changes following the two years, after the exhibition.  I specially have indicated this in my all articles and conversations. Although we can not know technical aspects of the products as much as people experienced in the sector, our sway through the work accordingly our occupation brings us ability of seeing to which direction the sector’s forwarding. Of course, this experiment was gained as a result of learning innovations curiously as skilled in our work, rather than ability as keeping in a constant position.

Of course, the security products used in production area are not going to constitute the main part of the sector. They even may have an unheeded ratio within the body of the sector. However, this type of developments also creates an opportunity for an entrepreneur firms desiring to be among the leading firms.

The sector has constituted the new fields within itself as similar to the question of chicken or the egg, so news areas can be emerged from these fields.

Feridun Bayram
General Manager
Marmara Fair Org.

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