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Intelligent Systems in Facilities

It gives us the opportunity to think about the passing years of our lives when we spend time with 3-6 year-olds. I like spending time with these age group a lot. I also hear similar experiences from many of my friends. Nowadays, people’s conversation moved to electronic environment, sharing experiences on social networks on various matters, including daily matters and matters with children. Although these people and their comments look know-it-all, I am one of those who wonder how realistic and sincere they are.

I suggest you chatting to children on geographical topics such as the world, countries, cities and maps.

Every child is unique so each one of them makes different comments. Being a pet lover parent I preferred making descriptions according to animals, for instance, panda country, tigers’ area and the place of kangaroos, etc. It made me happy when they whispered to my ear “panda country” when they saw an Asian and “brother with a lion at home” when they saw an African.

I am one of those who are lucky at geography. I have been visiting many countries and meeting people from different cultures since I was born because of my family business in Tourism and Hotel Management. I have learnt about many countries while talking to people from them, not from books like many. Due to my business and as I grow older, I have been talking to people more than ever.

Since the day I started travelling, I realized that I was spending most of my time to choose the accommodation. Like everyone else, I checked the location of the hotel and preferred the ones that are close to the city centre and hectic life of the city. Certainly, the name/brand comes first. I also took care of hotel facilities, cleaning and quality, like everyone would care. As I stayed at hotels more often, I realized that hotels have systems and the systems mattered. I enjoyed the hotels which used technology more efficiently.

Have a look at the hotels that you have been staying. How many of them are really secure and safe when you are at the stairs or in the lift? Can anyone pass the hallway and reach your rooms? I know that your answer is “Yes” for most of them. Are these safety precautions enough? Some of us may say “yes” while some may say “no”.

How adapted are these facilities to technology? I wonder how many people have been to the reception because of the key card malfunction. How many times have loaded the room identity to the card? At every check-in I make, I request an extra card in order not to go back. Staying in the dark because of the light sensor malfunction, exposing very hot or cold water in the shower, fighting with the central heating or the air-conditioning, trying to work out the TV are some frequent problems.

Is there anyone who has not suffered these problems? Some may think that these problems are out of the table when you are staying at high-end hotels. Although it is not completely true, it is mostly true. However, have these high-end hotels renewed themselves or are they still using their old systems?

Technology is constantly developing. Every time you press a button on the keyboard of your computer, there happens a development at something. Of course, we should not expect to keep up with technology at this pace. It is also not realistic to expect a hotel to make radical changes right away. However, there are such systems that can be upgraded easily and quickly at present. You do not need to do any construction as well. Even these small changes matter.

Let’s imagine. When the lift at the hotel reads your room card, it automatically directs you to the floor on which your room is located and it does not let you to access other floor. As you walk in the corridor the lights switch on and off to your room and the door to your room is opened without showing your key card.  You will not have the stress whether your key card will work or not. You can manage your room from a tablet computer on the wall and the one by your bed. You can control the air- conditioning, central heating, the radio and the TV, the lights, even the stored music files. Once you connect your device to the system, you can also play your music and films from your mobile too. The TV in your room turns into a wireless computers. You can make video calls with your family or colleagues at distance via applications. The system enables different scenarios. When you enter your room the air conditioning starts working, the lights and the music is on.  When you are in bed to sleep the lights dimmed as you wish and the music turns down. As you leave your room, housekeeping is informed so you are not woken up by them while sleeping. They will not think you are away when you do not answer the door. This way you will not have surprise meetings with housekeepers.

Of course, we should not forget safety. Your personal belongings are safe in the case with your fingerprint. Nobody can enter your room rather than the hotel staff who also have the key card. The system does not allow any intruder to get out without the key card. The system already does not allow other guests who are not staying at your floor.  

If I had told you all these twenty years ago you would think that I was a dreamer. However, people who read a&s Turkey know that all they are not a dream now. They may even think that I underestimate.

Is it costly to have this technology? If it is a radical change, it probably is. Not as sophisticated as I have mentioned, most of them are reachable at small costs. Besides, it is worth much more when it is compared to its positive effect on the guests.  

I strongly believe that frequent travellers will be delighted to enjoy the comfort of these opportunities when companies can successfully demonstrate hotels the values that this technology will contribute to their service.

Feridun Bayram
General Manager
Marmara Fair Org.

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