I prepared an article titled “Integration in Security” on the May June 2015 issue which is the 41st issue of our magazine. As I re-read the article named “My Observations – From 2008 to 2015” from the March-April issue which is the 40th issue and this article together, I realized that fundamentally all issues lead to the same thing.

Today regardless of what segment in the industry you listen to, you hear that they make requests as to coming all together, acting as a unit, and complain about acting as one when they make requests from respective institutions regarding the industry. I personally listen to complaints from many segments as to lack of unity in this regard. Every time I listen, I ask “then why don’t you do something about it? I almost always receive the same answer: “no one is doing anything, we would have to do it alone”

I personally do not agree. If we were to open the pages of history, we would see that behind every event is someone who pioneered that event. Today we would all agree that putting an industry into the desired discipline in a country and ensuring that it is in the desired quality is a quite simple event compared to many events in history. As a result, the industry could easily reach the desired levels of quality with someone or some people who pioneer in this regard.

I define it as “Integration in the Industry“.

The reason why I use the word integration is to use the best known word in the industry, which is concentrated with technology and systems. We use the word integration as integration between systems, integration between devices and integration between different projects. However, I think it is never used for a whole industry coming together. I mentioned earlier in my previous article. I don’t know the products and devices in the industry very deeply in technical terms. However I think I have come to know well the industry and the relationships within the industry in 16 years from 1999 to 2015.

The most significant issue that I have observed during this time is:

  • lack of communication among the main work groups which we call “security”
  • some product groups which we call “security” are in different industry groups and they are not used to seeing themselves as part of “security”

Finding solutions in the first case is somewhat easier than it is for the second. This is because the only matter in this case is to enhance communication among work groups who identify themselves as part of the security industry. The actual challenge is bringing together the work and product groups which are parts of different industry groups and which might also be classified under security.

Explaining to respective work groups that a steel door is also a security product, a steel safe box is also a security product, the wrought iron on windows and doors and the iron bars on the edges of gardens are security products, shatterproof glass is a security product… and that in its simplest form, all works we do for protecting our lives and property and all products related to these works are security products, and bringing together all these product groups…

Someone must assume this duty, which looks simple but is tough, and provide integration in the industry in order for the industry to merge in full sense of the word, to grow, to remove the shortcomings in the industry and to enhance quality.

All the best,

Feridun Bayram
General Manager
Marmara Fair Org.

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