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Development in the Sector

When we think about the definitions of “Turkey before Occupational Safety and Health Act” and Turkey after Occupational Safety and Health Act” it will not be wrong to say Turkey is in a progress. However I want to share my observation about which side the sector is developing.

Do not think that I am embellishing, ın my point of view Turkey had a serious change with “Occupational Health and Safety” act. Some development can change societies before it understand by all parts of society. If you apply this developments to microscale area you can see the difference, but it is hard to see when you apply it to 75 million people. Of course there is also the work done on the basis of how much has it been announced.

“Occupational Health and Safety Act” induce an important change in Turkey. it has a significant change in the lives of almost all part of community understatedly in a quiet way. More than 90% of the population is not aware this yet. Except sector firms and professions, academics, relevant institutions and large and medium-sized private enterprises.

I write articles for two issue in our publications which we publish for a long time. I share my positive comments and observations about ‘new law’ both in my first article and my second article. We come together with many parts of sector because we are in the industry. All article of the act is commented and discusses by different sections. However my comment is not about the content of the act. The main issue that interests me is new environment , developments and its reflections that occurred with the act. We have the chance to measure it because of our job.

There was an issue I mentioned in my previous article. Examine the exhibitions that organized, you always see the strong sectors.  You need a strong sector to fill an exhibition. Occupational Health and Safety sector is unable to form a kind of strong fair for decades despite the so-called because the sector was not strong enough. However, this has changed with the act.

(Of course it would not be right to ignore the success of my teammates, that perform a very nice exhibition organization, understand the sector and create right solutions. The success that do not achieved in so many exhibition, achieved in this exhibition.) 

In the process of the sector in the last 4 years have changed a lot. If we try to identify them with the main lines;

  • The sector changed considers with move up the social ladder
  • The financial volume of the sector is growth
  • A new area of expertise opened for many people
  • Increased the number of firms in the sector
  • International companies have begun to pay more attention to Turkey

Yes all of that was happened, even more was happened. But there is one subject that was supposed/need/will need to be the beginning of his list.

Increase in in Manufacturer Firms

This is a very important issue. In fact, it is very important for the economy of our country. There is no reason not to become an arbiter in occupational safety and health products for our country which is a leading manufacturer in so many sector. Actually we have very important producers in our country. With the change that started in 2011 our manufacturers also develop their markets. However as market growth rate corresponding to that production and / or our manufacturer is not the variety of products they do not fill the entire gap in the market. There is no such an issue in any sector. All kinds of products from all over the world should be found in every market to materialize global market. But no matter what production must be in our country. The development of production as the most important factor driving the increase in direct employment.

Do not infer that I am against to international companies from what I said. I believe that all kinds of companies have location in all areas. There are no way to fill the place of some companies’ products. But the supply industry and complementaries should be produced in our country.

In addition we need to block of entry of poor quality products brought from abroad because of the gap that formed during the growth of the sector. The increase in production will also the most accurate method to prevent this. All quality of the products should be produced in our country and this products should be exported all over the world.

As a result, an area put on the right path with an act. Now firms in the sector should be supported in the right direction…

There is a lot of companies entered, entering in the sector in service area. This firms also should be supported and should provide to develop in the right direction…

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